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 Dr. Linda Rosen


Dr. Linda Rosen

As a clinical psychologist with over 35+ years of experience, I believe the purpose of therapy is to work together to face issues until they are resolved. It is important to feel some relief. As a good listener I have strong empathetic skills. I provide a warm, accepting and non-judgmental setting where a positive alliance can be formed. Therapy is a place to feel understood, to unload, share, but is also result oriented. Therefore, my approach is interactive. I work with children,adolescents, adults, families and couples.


 Therapy is an opportunity to take time out for yourself and explore your deep felt concerns. It is important to feel that someone is listening and cares. A therapist is a guide to help make decisions in an objective way. To experience depression or anxiety in ones life is very common. Coping strategies are key - including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), mindfulness and insight.

There are different stages that couples go through in its own lifetime - early, middle, and mature phases. Each phase has its own challenges. Couples often find themselves stuck, "having the same argument over and over again.", Each person brings their own legacy to the relationship- expectations, dreams and needs - which can either be complimentary or clashing...

Children go through various developmental changes. They can often feel stuck and react in a behavioral way- tantrums, school refusal, disobedience. Therapy is an outlet to express feelings. They learn to use words or through play to build understanding so they can move in a positive direction. Children value coping strategies for their fears.